The remnant of an eerie beauty.

 Inside the blood ring at the Colosseum just as winter started in 2011.

Evolving through your work.

An overview of evolving through your work (or play). 

PHASE 1. The work enriches you.
Because work is new and exciting at that point in time, you absorb. 
How enriching is work to you? 

PHASE 2. You enrich the work.
When familiarity and routine has happened, you extend. 
How enriching are you to your work? 

PHASE 3. You become the work that enriches.
You are the embodiment of the work, you create. 
How enriching have you become as the work itself?

Most, don't get through the first stage. 

The home of the dragons

Carvings at a temple in Vietnam.


One of the most important questions I have contemplated on..


On a cliff in Bali as the sun begun to set.

An afternoon with the Master

What is your gravity?

The beautiful Ariel in contemplation at 2011's retreat.

Rising to the occasion

Over the years I've learned that when anything around you seemed overwhelming, 
you have 2 choices.
The escape, or the encounter.
Very quickly though, I learned the illusion. 
You really don’t have a choice.
Life will call on you, to rise to the occasion.
You don't back off into your hiding. You don’t escape.
I learned; to work my ass off, happily. I don't know how that happened.
I learned; that you don't complain, because you are yet to know what existence has for you on the other flip-side of reality. 
I learned; that it was never the answer of - I don't know;
It was the question, how can I come to know? 
It was never - it cannot be done; 
but a question of, how can it be possible?
You don't groan, moan, blame, neither beat yourself up in self-pity.
You don't have time for a freaking emotion. You just got to get going.
I learned; how to stay unshaken, frighten at times, 
but somehow finding my ground to stay unshaken.
I learned; that when it got tougher, you had to get sharper.
I learned; that details mattered. You don't miss the details. You make every effort to learn about the details.
You watch your breath as you keep vigil. Sleep became an enemy.
I learned; to be there for another and how that showed me what it meant to be a force and a strength, only to evoke the other to live their strength.
I learned to rise to the occasion because I knew what was at stake -
either that sense of freedom, somewhat sovereign, so real a freedom, yet cannot be put into words…
or I fall into an opportunity of betraying me, for a compromise.
I learned that life will always place you right where you are meant to be, so it may use all of you, for its highest of glory.
Thus, rising to the occasion, is really the occasion of you rising.  
Such is the demand of every moment.

Cuteness Overload

Winter in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. This beauty turned around and looked at me over breakfast.

Malaya Spotted

Spotted a man hole while doing street photography. Its frame read Malaya. Must be really old.

Can I tell?

 *photo was taken in the morning in Cluj Napoka when I was in Romania.

Sitting by the curb, 
Hundreds walk pass, 
Maybe thousands,
Do they have a clue of their miracle?
The seed of infinite. 
That vastness.

Some stroll, 
some swiftly make their way through, 
Most are in the chase of something, 
When everything they seek - is really only a turn within,
I want to look into their eyes, 
And let them know the worldly lies, 
Could I jolt them into a space, their space? 
And perhaps break the news about their sacredness?
Wake them from the dream they seek.
And perhaps birth a silence of rest.

So they never come to miss their grandness,
So they never come to miss God in every moment,
So they never come to miss God moving through them.

An accidental fate

This moment. 
This "now" that we sit in.
A place to be. 
All it took to get us into this moment. 
All the encounter. 
Job terminations;
Relationships crossing our paths;s
Tears and smiles, 
screams of joy and anger; 
Praise, worship, success, rejection. 
Of crazy dances and star jumps,
Betrayals and lies;
At the end of this reflection,
what mattered was neither the highs nor lows that life showed us.
It showed us more.
It was never the experience.
It showed us a birth.
A birth of this silent presence.

You showed up.
You showed up regardless
Better still, to have stayed the course.

Now, in this silence of this moment, a rest of gratitude.
A conviction that love holds this biology together.
A truth that your arrival here and now makes up a larger picture.

This moment.
An accidental fate.


At Guan Di Temple. His usual routine of prayer.

To dance with God.

To allow and trust. 
To love and rest. 
To sight that sacredness
   and stand guard by it.  
To know you are held. 
To live a moment this way.
To dance with God. 

How do you identify takers?

Much of the work we do, involves people and their behaviors. Over the years, I have learned that the clarity and sight one must come to develop in identifying behavioral patterns, is utterly important. With belief systems forming our behavioral patterns, there is no right nor wrong for the person living that out. It is a matter of being conscious or unconscious of these patterns, as the process of self enquiry unfolds one to mere understanding of how they have come to form (behavioral patterns). Evolution only happens after understanding is established, on the level of being. 

So listed are 5 random indicators of a taker. There could be more. I have been guilty of some. And they are mere indicators of belief systems that we some how have come to identify them to be us - WHICH WE ARE NOT. The indicators of a taker, 

1. Maximizers.
They know how to capitalise on others giving. They usually will want to maximise anything, so they never lose out. Their primary question is - what's in it for me?

2. Transaction. 
Everything, including relationships - are usually reduced to a trade off or a transaction. They compare so they may profit so much for so little a price. They will claim a bargain they successfully transacted to be somewhat an attainment. The consumer mind is an indication of this psychology.

3. Commitment and Responsibility. 
They are usually fearful when the need to commit arises. They look for others to make decisions for them, so they have a way of avoiding responsibility. Much of their game play is to escape responsibility. They don't take responsibility of results. More than often, they look/ point/ decide for another to take responsibilty.

4. Existing. 
They use everything around them, to define and acknowledge their existence. They thrive on the need of acknowledgement. At times, they demand that significance. Respect is something they demand, yet hesitate to extend. Stature and external titles are usually their feel good factor. They want to be in control of things. Power and fame is usually their drive. Dismissing another so they can exist - pretty much a way of life. 

5. Fear.
To avoid the fear of the unknown, they reduce many of things to become practical and logical. They avoid the unknown for fear of not having control. Thus they are usually driven primarily by formulas and strategies. It would be the essence of their behavioral pattern. Their fear of the unknown is larger than them. 

Time we discard belief systems of the opportunist. 
So one can exist fearless of what's to come, yet humble. 
Love becomes the only reason for your ALL to extend.
Love becomes an ultimate reason to exist. 

To escape or to encounter you?

The essence of Simirthi is about you sitting with you, and not escaping that meeting.
Too often in our daily life, everything is used to escape you meeting you.
Almost everything.

The inner rest never happens, because we're engaged with all of the world in survival.
We're usually identified by the functional roles we have with this world.
Indirectly or directly, they help us exist. The external establishes our presence. 
The ironic way of us identifying ourselves is through the lenses of this world. 
All of your existence is an external effort to exist. 
That is motivation. 

Whether it is to survive keeping or striving for a job, working with your colleauges or boss, making relationships work, projecting impressions so you're perceived/understood, succeeding to have more - financially, doing the charity so our riches are built in heaven and sins forgiven, building the abs so you may look good enough to be admired, complimented and perhaps accepted; majority of what we do stems from the base of surviving this world.

The question then - in the absence of all these, how is presence established? 
Is there presence? What happens?

Then the option of turning in presents itself. 
Have you existed without the point of reference of what's outside of you? 
Have you met you without the world pointing you out? 

To not escape you, and seek your mystery is the real thing. 
It is the only thing.

*photocredit: Gabriel Nazareno Barragán
 photosource: facebook/com/simirthi

J. Krishnamurthi nails this!

I maintain that Truth is a pathless land,
and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever,
by any religion, by any sect.

That is my point of view, and
I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally.

Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable
by any path whatsoever, cannot be organised;
nor should any organisation be formed to lead or coerce people along any particular path.

If you first understand that, then you will see
how impossible it is to organize a belief.
A belief is purely an individual matter,
and you cannot and must not organize it.

If you do, it becomes dead, crystallized;
it becomes a creed, a sect, a religion,
to be imposed on others.

~ J. Krishnamurti

Setting it right

I am to care for timmy, before any. I am guardian to his magic, his life force, his possibilities, his joy, his truth, his silence, his grandness, his light, his creation, his faith, his loyalty and his love, without a compromise. It is a responsibilty I undertake and not anyone else.

Your mystery never to be dismissed

they who ask of you to dismiss yourself to fit in, values what is convenient to them. they extend conformity because it is what they have submitted to. they value what the world thinks of them more than being a guardian of your mystery. #timmythinks

Spirituality, a mere label.

Someone had recently asked me about my thoughts on spirituality. And I told her I'd write her my thoughts rather than articulate it. 
So I thought I put it up here and share my thoughts here too. So here you go =)

Spirituality is a label used to identify with the essence of the inner realm. 
Like the biology that evolves physically, so does the inner realm, energetically. 
The inner realm is vast in its nature. Infinite. 
The access into this realm begins with awareness. 
Every awareness is an opportunity to observe life and all its occurrence, consciously. 

Spirituality is the seeking of the seeker. Much of what we seek, eventually sheds light to understand the seeker. 
When one decides to seek for answers knowing that there is more to life than what meets the eye, the seeking begins. 
But such is a process that it takes you within. Hence the birth of the seeker, or sometimes known as the observer. 
It is not a set of belief structures. It is an encounter varying in experience from one individual to another. 
However, there are many who form beliefs out of this experiences. 

Spirituality, with the term used loosely, is pretty much living with a conscience of balance, and that balance is about being at peace with the moment. The energetic realm of this affects the biology. It either puts you (the spirit) in a state of restlessness or one that is rested. 
It gives birth to clarity and intelligence.  

He Encountered

Nothing that he had sought outside of him, provoked the depth of joy that the heart was capable of celebrating.
The heart celebrated everything for the price of nothing.
The world outside celebrated nothing really, for the price of everything.
He looked within.

He encountered God when that which is within, provoked life.
He encountered God when the whole of him gave, did, loved, created, played, smiled and extended.

In moments of living out the all of him, he stumbled the divine.
He came to know God not by name, but by the vastness of it's presence.
He came to know God not by boundaries, but in the transcendence of boundaries.
He encountered God through the infinite unknown.
His prayer was not the articulation of words.
It was the intent and gratitude that immerse with every breath.

Every time he extended the more of him, he encountered the more.
Courage came, then freedom.
Freedom was responsibility.
It was growth.

Encountering did one thing.
It allowed possibilities to unfold through him. He encountered inspite the unknown - without limits.
With every encounter, he met the moment. With every moment, he saw the infinite.
In the infinite, he dissolved.
Duality found it's death.
He became the embodiment of love.
Love became what he poured, not what he seeked.
That which he poured became his participation with the vastness of the whole.

He encountered God through the very breath of life.
Not through beliefs.
The former, unconditional an experience.
The latter, conditioning to experience.

 He encountered.

I can do without it.

The world is nothing but collective consciousness trying to establish an identity for its own existence. It wants to be present in the presence of something. I can do without that identity. #timmythinks

Stillness captured

A beauty seated in stillness. Ariel.

The year of the Water Dragon

I think the year of the dragon shall be one of courage. Courage that you must possess to transcend and breakthrough all boundaries that cultivates limitation. Courage that will see you unfold, flower & shine. Courage exhibiting honor, intelligence, creation and love.

Meeting nature

Here is a moment where we meet nature at our finger tips. This was photographed in the Louvre, in Paris. 

Mastery in flow

If you have seen his art, you know the essence of it boils down to mastery.

Christmas at the Colosseum

During winter in Rome, checked out the ring where thousands of gladiators came to fight and died for people's entertainment.

In the light of the master.

This is one of my favorite shots I ever took in my life to date. The lady in this shot is Heather. As many of us sat in the presence of a master speaking that afternoon, I got a glimpse of this moment and thankfully I captured a little of its essence from my lense. The photo was titled by the master himself. #turiya2011

Happy New Year.

For that which welcomes the coming year, is not the change of a calendar, nor the optimism that things will get better - but knowingness that potential shall flower. new realms will be yours. for you who have participated in my year, and allowed me to participate in yours - I will forever be grateful. It truly has been an awesome year.

I pray you immerse in the coming year and allow the joyous of life to manifest through you. Love to all.
This shot was taken when we celebrated the new year at Big Ben's in London. There were over 200,000 people in central London who came to catch the amazing fireworks show. It was beautiful, but it would probably be my last time going into the mass crowd and waiting for so long to catch a glimpse of the 10 minute show. Worth it nonetheless.
As of today, I'm changing this blog to host my photography and how I randomly capture what I come to see with life. For my random thoughts - it's all hosted on I'll be travelling Europe come Dec 2011 - Jan 2012. So I'll be putting up some photos here. =)
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